October 27, 2006 at 18:28 (Uncategorized)

I really like second hand books.  They sit nicely in your hand and in the case of text books, they lie flat on the desk.  Not only that but in addition to the story told on the pages, they have a story of their own – where have they been?  Who had them before?  What made them give the book up?  This is the great thing about the library, they are all second hand.  Sometimes when I’m checking a book in I’ll keep it with me for the morning, reading random pages trying to pull its story out.  I’m a volunteer so it’s not like it gets in the way of library type work (I don’t think I’m allowed to do that).

Manga on the other hand, I love new.  Only because I can be the first to open the plastic seal.  It was the same with CDs and games when they come wrapped in plastic and you pull it away, exposing it to life for the first time.  It’s great, you start its story.

Hear my story, this may be our last chance…


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