October 24, 2006 at 18:34 (Uncategorized)

I discovered, much to my horror, I no longer have any of my original scribbling.  When my PC needed to be over hauled they were among the bits that were lost.  Having had them posted already I guess I didn’t see the need in writing them to CD.  So I had to go along to, copy and paste my own works and put in a file of their own.  Naturally I had copied my original fiction because that is all mine (I have hard copies as well).

I also looked up some stuff I had posted years ago (2000/01) and it was still there.  I was surprised mainly because I haven’t been active on that site for years and had stopped receiving review but reading some of the stuff I realise it was mainly because it was badly written.  And the spelling mistakes!  I don’t know what my beta reader was doing.

I just wonder what other stuff I created and deleted because it’s easy to do so.


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