Change is as good as a holiday…

October 19, 2006 at 09:17 (Uncategorized)

NOT – a holiday is as good as a holiday.  Change isn’t always good.  For example; having to cut out your favorite foods because they make you ill is not a good change.  Cutting out some things is great, like milk – I hate that cow secretion.  Sleeping over as a kid was awful, mothers  automatically gave me milk to drink at night.  After choking it down I would spend the entire night wishing I could choke it up again.  YUK!

Closely following is cream – it’s solid milk.  However, loosing pizza and chocolate is not so great.  I love Lindor and chocolate buttons and seeing as my new eating lifestyle is actually working, they are a taste from the past.  But so long as I’m not forced to give up coke it’s okay – it was suggested that I cut back on coffee and coke ages ago but I don’t drink coffee at all so I don’t need to cut back on the coke 🙂


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